Gender and geographical balance

This symposium will take a special care with:

  • Gender balance. We will strongly try to achieve 50% – 50% of female – male participation in all parts of conference organisation (starting from SOC members, invited and contributed speakers, session chairs, grant holders, etc.) and advertising.


  • Geographical balance. We will take a special care to have participation of experts (SOC members and invited speakers) from all geographical locations.


  • African participation. With this conference we would like to give more visibility to African scientists, whose participation is usually scarce on international conferences. We will put efforts to bring African researchers from different Sub-Saharan countries, and make sure that this conference will contribute to the development of science in Africa, which is very much needed.


  • National scientific balance. Regarding Ethiopian participation we aim in bringing people from different institutions and contribute to the development of science not only in Addis Ababa, but on the national level.