Outreach activities

Outreach activities will be organized in the afternoon of the second day of conference for general public, teachers, and school children. In collaboration with the Ethiopian Space Science Society we will invite schools who already have or would like to start with astronomy clubs to participate in this event. We will offer the possibility to them to come up with posters and show their activities. First, 1-2 public talks (~ 1hr in total) will be given either by some of SOC members and/or invited speakers. Secondly, after the talks we will organize an open and ‘interacting space’ between the conference participants and public (~ 1 – 1.30hr) with aim to ‘Meet an astronomer and ask question/s’. To facilitate the communication for all, interested conference participants will have an opportunity to briefly present themselves to the public (e.g., from where they are coming and what do they study), and local school children representatives will have an opportunity to briefly present their group and their poster. After that the time will be given to the general interaction and communication.